Dédicace de Sir Bulwer Lytton à Sir William Gell


In publishing a work, of which Pompeii furnishes the subject, I can think of no one to whom it can so fitly be dedicated as yourself. Your charming volumes upon the antiquities of that city have indissolubly connected your name with its earlier (as your residence in the vicinity has identified you with its more recent) associations.

Ere you receive these volumes, I hope to be deep in the perusal of your forthcoming work upon «The Topography of Rome and its Vicinity». The glance at its contents which you permitted me at Naples sufficed to convince me of its interest and value ; and as an Englishman, and as one who has loitered under the Portico, I rejoice to think that, in adding largely to your own reputation, you will also renovate our country's claim to eminence in those departments of learning in which of late years we have but feebly supported our ancient reputation. Venturing thus a prediction of the success of your work, it would be a little superfluous to express a wish for the accomplishment of the prophecy ! But I may add a more general hope, that you will long have leisure and inclination for those literary pursuits to which you bring an erudition so extensive ; and that they may continue, as now, sometimes to beguile you from yourself, and never to divert you from your friends.

I have the honor to be, dear sir, very faithfully yours,


LEAMINGTON, September 21, 1834.