Plate XXIV - General view of the thermae

This view represents the whole excavation of the insula of the thermae, from the little street or vicus on the right, opposite the door of the house of Pansa, to the angle near the arch of Caligula or of Augustus, and the Temple of Fortune, and, from thence, to the triumphal arch at the entrance of the Forum. The arch of Caligula only intercepts a very unimportant portion toward the right.

The view was taken before the excavation of the house called that of Ceres was completed, from the vineyard above that dwelling. In the distance is seen the high mountain of St. Angelo behind Castellamare. The three arches of the thermae occupy the centre. That on the left is the frigidarium, the next the tepidarium, and the third the caldarium or laconicum. The part which appears on the right of the arch of Caligula is that which perhaps was dedicated to females. About halfway down the street, toward the arch of the Forum, is the door of entrance to the court of the thermae.