Plate XXIX - Tepidarium

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Plate XXIX gives by far the most finished apartment of the thermae, and some part of its roof was, when found, in tolerable preservation, and had a beautiful effect. On the pavement, and in the centre, stands the bronze foculare given by M. NICIDIUS VACCULA, as appears by the cow, though there be no inscription, as there is upon the three seats of the same metal of bronze.

The recesses between the atlantes which sustain the upper cornice were probably used for the garments of the bathers. The defect in the angle on the left is occasioned by an awkwardness in the plan of one of the schola in the natatio, which interferes with it.

The window here is not in the centre, but was probably closed with glass like the others, and with cross bars of brass. The hole for the lamp was so contrived as to give light both to this apartment and to the station which is supposed to have been that of the bath-keeper in the court.

The superior decoration of this chamber was probably owing to the greater resort of visiters, it being only heated to a genial temperature.

The door on the right leads to the laconicum.