Plate XXXI - Caldarium (or laconicum)

The laconicum or caldarium, corresponding with the stufa of modern Italy, does not equal the gorgeous display of the tepidarium, though the schola, if that term be applicable to the semicircular termination, has not been neglected in point of ornament.

The alcove has been highly decorated, but, from the total absence of symmetry in the compartments, they seem to have been taken from some other building and placed here. Neither the circular vent for the vapour, which was here abundant, nor the quadrangular holes in the vault, are regular.

The hole for the lamp, which was glazed with a curved glass like that of a watch, admitted light both toward the caldarium and to the portico of the court.

The labrum at the farther end would probably have had a more elegant support than the block now existing, had not a flaw in the marble rendered so wide a basement necessary.

The figure in front shows the height of the cistern of the hot-bath above the pavement of the chamber. Over the door of the caldarium were nails by which a curtain was suspended.