Vignette 21

It is a group of houses and temples which, not to speak of the perspective, which is faulty, presents a most agreeable assemblage of buildings placed on the side of a hill, so as to give the idea of the effect produced by the architecture of the times in commanding situations. Supposing the great temple on the summit to be that of the principal deity of the spot, we may imagine the dwellings of the priests, the propylaea, and the shrines of other divinities to be passed in the way. At Delphi Minerva Propylaea, at Eleusis Diana Propylaea, and many other such examples, exist. This subject is painted on a yellow panel in the hospitium of the bouse of the lesser fountain of shells. These smaller temples or shrines were sometimes erected in consequence of a vow made in a moment of fear and difficulty, and were probably to be met with in great numbers. The well-known inscription on the tomb of Scipio records his dedication of a temple to the winds or tempests. Appius, uplifting his hands to heaven, in the same manner vowed a temple to Bellona. The form was «Bellona, si hodie nobis victoriam duis, ast ego templum tibi voveo».